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Willing to join packaging team - some questions

Discussion about the MEPIS Community's Repo.
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Willing to join packaging team - some questions


Post by vinzv » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:40 pm

I recently got into Debian packaging via re-packaging for MX as a way to learn. As I already hat some experience with RPM and PKGBUILD it wasn't to hard. Now I'm ready to join the packaging team but have some questions:

1. I went through the wiki page which helped a lot. I used a second hard drive, installed MX and all packaging dependencies. Then I copied and extracted the desired .deb files and used cowbuilder for final building.
But now I would like to know: what is your packaging setup? Do you use VMs or is a dedicated system the way to go?

2. Is there some sort of approval progress? Do I have to e.g. answer a questionnaire?
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Re: Willing to join packaging team - some questions


Post by Stevo » Sun Jan 15, 2017 7:19 pm

1. I use Virtual Box VMs for MX packages, as well as an array of OBS repos for the convenience of Debian and some Bunsen Labs users, as well as some packages that may not be quite kosher for own repos due to patent issues, notably Avidemux. Cowbuilder seems like a good solution, though I really don't know how to use it--perhaps you could teach us! Did you really extract deb files and rebuild the packages from those?

2. No questionnaire, most of the packaging team have been members of the forum for a while and have built up trust that way. You seem to have built up a good reputation on other forums, so we'll just have to trust that you're not an evil mole, I guess. :p It's best not to mess with the orig.tarballs so we know you're not slipping any surprises in there...

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