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For developer discussion on package requests
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Post by penguin » Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:20 am

I have used WPS before Kingsoft Office for years and still now. Is more compatible with Microsoft Office than Libre Office. Really fast.
Being dubious , believe or not to close source ..... You can't trust to nothing in our days. Air is contaminated, air is polluted,people are jealous or want to xxxxxxx you for free. Years ago I have read a golden rule. When you connect in the Internet you lose your privacy.

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Post by Gerson » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:28 am

I am not a super scientist or nuclear physicist or a corrupt politician or a stalker or pornographer, so for me the privacy thing does not care, I use the internet to visit pages, download information for my studies and suddenly have fun little with the social networks, I do not have money in the bank nor I do transactions by the network so that of the espionage is more a paranoia for many that are scared of their shadow.
Since you connect a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone to the network, they are collecting information, even TVs already include cameras that spy your house and also track the programs you watch or movies or series of payment or not.
As for WPS, it is software that works well for me, better than LibreOffice and with better compatibility with MS Office files, I would say that almost 100%
No todos ignoramos las mismas cosas. :confused:

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