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A Ridiculously Configurable Digital Desktop Clock

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A Ridiculously Configurable Digital Desktop Clock

#1 Post by Stevo » Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:54 pm

Look at my clock, my clock is amazing...♫ (apologies to Mr. Weeble)

There was a request on the MX-Clocky review that it display a digital clock instead of analog--which I couldn't figure how to make it do. There's this instead, though:


The homepage is in the animated GIF (created by Peek ;) ) I downloaded the x64 Linux version from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/digita ... les/4.4.6/, though I'm also going to look at the beta (next) version. It's a rather big download, because it contains a lot of Qt 5 5.6 libraries that it uses. That means it must be launched with the digital_clock.sh script, which you should be able to start just by clicking it.

It comes with a variety of skins, but you can also set it to use any font, any colors for the digits and background, apply any textures you have to the font, have any translucency for it, have it stay on top or not, use a lot of plugins for: alarms (chimes or any mp3 you have), display your IP, take a quick note, toll on the hour like a tower clock, shift colors in a spectrum, and more. You can also export and import settings.

It seems to be open-source, and I was able to manually compile the basic clock against our Qt 5, but the plugins didn't seem to be available...I have to look into it. There aren't any skins shipped with the source, either.

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