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Looks like another hard drive failure.

For help or questions about 64-bit version of MEPIS, this is the forum to use.
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Forum Regular
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Re: Looks like another hard drive failure.

#21 Postby antiX-Dave » Tue Jun 10, 2014 6:52 pm

Well it has been a month and short of decommissioning the pc for a day I cannot look at serial numbers. However I believe it was a kc450? Or something of the sort. It was also on sale (actually most Kingston stuff was on sale). I did read the reviews and though not as terrible as you have mentioned it was not up to the Intel / Samsung check. However for about 1/3 of the price of the Intel / Samsung I did not really care. Honestly the pc it is in is a amd from around 2002 so my expectations are not that high anyway... I did not even know if an ssd would run properly in that box... seeing how the intels / Samsungs are worth more than the box I figured I would try one that is at least cheaper than the worth of the box... so the choice came down to the Kingston or a blue wd 500 GB. I have heard that Samsung is making good ssds. given the next opportunity and the box is decent and more worth the ssd then I will "test" a Samsung and see if it can beat intel from my number 1 spot.

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