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#1 Post by lossy » Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:51 pm

EDIT: I added the name of the box. RC4 to /etc/hosts with a loopback ip of and it fixed it. It also fixed the problem with autodetect in the launcher. Thanks to the guys in #linuxtalk!

I am trying to run Vavoom on 11.9.92 Mepis and when I start it in konsole. I get the following error:

Code: Select all

jessica@rc4:~$ vavoom
Adding /usr/share/games/vavoom/basev/common/basepak.pk3
adding /usr/share/games/doom//freedoom.wad
Adding /usr/share/games/vavoom/basev/doom/basepak.pk3
Adding /usr/share/games/vavoom/basev/doom2/basepak.pk3
Adding /usr/share/games/vavoom/basev/freedoom/basepak.pk3
Host name: rc4
Sys_Error: UDP_Init: Couldn't get local host by name rc4,
Check your /etc/hosts file.
- VUdpDriver::Init
- Datagram_Init
- VNetwork::Init
- Host_Init
Doing C_Shutdown
Doing CL_Shutdown
Doing SV_Shutdown
Doing delete GNet
Doing V_Shutdown
Doing T_Shutdown
Doing Sys_Shutdown
Doing delete GSoundManager
Doing R_ShutdownTexture
Doing R_ShutdownData
Doing VCommand::Shutdown
Doing VCvar::Shutdown
Doing ShutdownMapInfo
Doing FL_Shutdown
Doing W_Shutdown
Doing GLanguage.FreeData
Doing ShutdownDecorate
Doing VObject::StaticExit
Doing VName::StaticExit
Doing Z_Shutdown

UDP_Init: Couldn't get local host by name rc4,
Check your /etc/hosts file.
Anyone have any ideas? I searched google and found a vague reference on a french website to chown 664 a file, but unsure on if to do that on the /etc/hosts file or on vavoom. I ran it on /etc/hosts but still receive the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.



Edit: Still learning mepis and linux in general!

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