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Aspire 3 A315 - 41 - R2W5 install

Here is where you can post tips and tricks to share with other users of MX. Do not ask for help in this Forum.
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Aspire 3 A315 - 41 - R2W5 install


Post by j2mcgreg » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:45 pm

Out of the box, this laptop will not boot Linux live media – period. These are the steps necessary to change that situation:
1. apply the latest Bios update from Acer (currently that is # 1.11)
2. Press F2 at the Acer splash screen to access the bios. Then set a supervisor password so that you can unlock the more advanced features
3. Disable secure boot and enable the F12 key’s boot menu so you can change the boot priority for your live usb drive
4. Boot your live usb drive
5. At the Grub screen press ‘e’ to edit Grub and add ‘pci=noacpi’ (sans quotes) as a boot parameter
6. On the live desktop initialize your wifi connection and plug in a mouse, then during the install remember to check the box that says “carry over changes made during the live session”. Other wise your wifi function will likely not work properly nor will a mouse after the install completes (they didn’t for me)
7. Note that the touch pad does not work after the install.

Current Acer laptops require a Win 10 environment in order to apply a bios update. If you expect it will be necessary to apply one in the future, you should make it a priority to install linux in a dual boot along side Win 10.

Thanks to all those that gave me advice along the way.
HP ProBook 450 G5; CPU Intel i5; 500GB HDD; Intel UHD 620 Graphics; 8 GB Ram

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Re: Aspire 3 A315 - 41 - R2W5 install


Post by Stevo » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:50 pm

The 2016 Acer E5 I have with Insyde BIOS boots an MX Rufus-created Live USB with Secure Boot enabled, but you need to disable it to get the installed version to start. All the other tricks are also necessary. So if you do install, you may as well disable SB first. I think you can leave it on for a persistent Live USB, though.

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