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Kodak Verite 65 Plus AiO Printer Linux Tips

Here is where you can post tips and tricks to share with other users of MX. Do not ask for help in this Forum.
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Kodak Verite 65 Plus AiO Printer Linux Tips


Post by Tarzan » Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:00 pm

Total Linux noob here. I've been distro hopping like mad for a few months but I'm taking a long pause for MX because it is so interesting. Linux really has "put the fun back into computing", but it has also sucked all the fun out of my Kodak/Funai Verite 65 Plus AiO WiFi printer. Zorin is the only distro I've found that is fully compatible without any tinkering. MX supports both printing and scanning, but it takes a little effort. Mint, Voyager, UbuntuMATE, PCLinuxOS, Peppermint, and Xubuntu support printing, but not scanning. Here are a few things I've learned for the benefit of my fellow noobs. To set up the printer, download & install all three debian (deb) driver packages (printer, scanner, and postscript) from http://www.funaihelp.com/kodak/printer/downloads. After package installation, the "Kodak Verite 65 Printer Utility" application should appear on your software menu. Run it. If the Kodak printer utility fails to appear, then use "Print Settings" to install the printer. If you can't print a test page due to a CUPS filter error, then extract the KODAK-VERITE-postscript debian package (right-click, "extract here") and locate a file named "KODAK-VERITE-KDBAEpdftocontone". Copy this file and paste it into "/usr/lib/cups/filter". Open your file manager as "root", right-click on the file to view its "properties", select the "permissions" tab and check the box that says "allow this file to run as a program". Next, open a command prompt and run these two commands: "sudo chown root /usr/lib/cups/filter/KODAK-VERITE-KDBAEpdftocontone" and: "sudo chgrp root /usr/lib/cups/filter/KODAK-VERITE-KDBAEpdftocontone". This should get the printer working. For black & white document scanning, just use the "Simple Scan" application. For color scanning, use the package manager to locate & install the "xsane" package. You may use xsane from within GIMP (File/Create/Xsane) or as a stand-alone app. BTW--if anyone knows how to get scanning to work with Mint, please share.

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