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Thunar keyboard shortcuts

Just as the name says, here is where you can post tips and tricks to share with other users of MEPIS.
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Thunar keyboard shortcuts


Post by richb » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:49 pm

One thing that has bothered me is the lack of keyboard shortcuts in thunar to arrange items by date, name, type, etc. Especially helpful in icon mode where you have no column heading to click on to arrange items. This will create them.
1. In Settings Manager>Settings editor>xsettings enable CanChangeAccels.
2. Open thunar and View>Arrange Items
3. Hover your mouse over the Arrange Item type and hit the keys you want for the operation, eg CTRL+ d for arrange by date.

The key combo will then perform the arrangement. One oddity is arrange by name key combo arranges descending Z to A.

When in icon view this beats having to grab the mouse, click on the View Menu, click on Arrange Items, click on arrange type. I install dolphin primarily to have a one step mouse click for arrangement. no longer need to.

EDIT: Actually the keyboard shortcut for arrange by name remembers the last sort done in detailed view. So if that was Z to A that is what it will do in icon view, If A to Z it will do that.
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