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Migrating files organization from Windows

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Migrating files organization from Windows


Post by WarhawkCZ » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:46 am

Hi guys,
I am kind of OCD crazy when it comes to organizing files and folders. My files structure has been evolving for years. Here is the current version from my now-obsolete windows machine.
Such organization prevents me from spending time on searching for files...

I am thinking what would be the best strategy for moving my files to the new linux machine? I know that keeping everything in the home folder is probably a good idea.
Also, the linux machine has only one SSD now but I want to move some data to the second hard drive in future.

In ideal case, I would love to have a virtual drive, virtual folder or a place where I click and see my files in the above structure. Does this make sense? Is symlink the right functionality?

Also, I use duplicati for backups.

Thanks for any tips. I rather ask before shooting myself in the foot. :cool:
I use Google before asking dumb questions but I am new to Linux. Thank you for your patience :-)

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Re: Migrating files organization from Windows


Post by richb » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:07 am

I would not keep your data in Home. You can set up a separate data partition and maintain the same structure as your Windows data on the partition. Then create a symlink to it in your home folder. This has the advantage if you install the next MX version you can keep that data partition intact. When you do get an additional ssd you can transfer that data to the SSD and create a new symlink to it.
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Re: Migrating files organization from Windows


Post by Richard » Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:17 am

I don't see any reason for changing the structure you are using.
Instead of drive D: you might have /DATA/Angelina and then copy
all of that structure into it. Linux reads Windows file systems very well
for copying and backup.

I, personally, don't keep much that I want to be permanent in /home/<user>;
rather, I create a /DATA directory for permanent storage of all my user data.
/home is mainly for config files that and are usually desktop environment specific.
Also, /home directories could be overwritten at install. MX does provide
for keeping /home separate but not all distros provide that option.

I don't know Duplicati. If it works inter-platform as expected you would just need
to restore it onto a Linux file system using Duplicat; otherwise, I would just copy
all of that file structure above onto a USB or other device,
and then copy it all onto a Linux file system.

You can use as many drives as you have room for, or use external drives for backup.
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