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flashplugin - testers needed.

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flashplugin - testers needed.

#1 Postby anticapitalista » Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:26 pm

I need a few people running MX or antiX 32 bit on an old box with SSE and not SSE2 to see if this flashplugin works.

1. Check you have sse and not sse2
In a terminal type:

Code: Select all

grep flags /proc/cpuinfo

2. Download flashplayer_SSE_11.2.202.235.so.tar.gz from here: http://www.mepisimo.com/antix/Tarballs/

3. Move to /var/cache/flashplugin-nonfree (DO NOT UNPACK THE TARBALL)

4. Open a root terminal and type

Code: Select all


Choose Revert (option 3) and then the downloaded tarball

5. Once finished you will probably need to reboot for it to (hopefully) work
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Re: flashplugin - testers needed.

#2 Postby kmathern » Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:44 pm

I just tested it in a MX-14-pre-RC1 LiveUSB session and it works okay (on Youtube anyway, I didn't check any other sites).

No reboot was needed (and not possible anyway when running a LiveUSB session), I did restart Qupzilla.

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