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Dual sound cards - UEFI BIOS

Problems with your sound card are to be posted here, as well as tutorials to share with others.
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Dual sound cards - UEFI BIOS


Post by Gaer Boy » Sun May 18, 2014 7:31 am

Extracted from the MX Hardware specs topic, re my new ITX build:
Jerry3904 wrote:
Looks great. How did you deal with the dual sound cards?
The only option in the BIOS is to disable Onboard HD Audio. Whichever way this is set - no sound. Also, I have no volume control in the panel.
After looking at everything else, I installed pulseaudio. The Configuration tab gave me 2 x Built-in Audio Profile drop-downs. The first had Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output only, and the second had a dozen options. I turned off the first and set the second to Analog Stereo Output. Sound fine and setting it to Analog Stereo Duplex gave a slightly increased volume. The key to sound was turning off HDMI - with that on, no setting worked.
Having added an SSD and switched HDDs from the old machine, I have reinstalled. This time, I went through the UEFI settings more carefully and was able to turn off the HDMI Audio, so sound worked without installing pulseaudio. The first time I missed that sound card settings came on two pages. This time:

Advanced>North Bridge configuration>Onboard HDMI HD Audio>Disabled
Advanced>South Bridge configuration>Onboard HD Audio>Enabled.


AsRock FM2A88X-ITX+, A8-6500, 8GB, 120GB Samsung SSD (GPT), 1TB HDD (MBR), MX-18.3
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