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Strawberry Music Player

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Strawberry Music Player


Post by colin_b » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:06 pm

Strawberry Music Player is a fork of Clementine created because Clementine dropped the functionality to play HD audio streams.
https://github.com/clementine-player/Cl ... ssues/5344

...for 2 years we begged the developers to reintroduce the code that allowed configuration of Clementine to direct the datastream directly to alsa. Without it the awesome application became useless to Linux audiophiles that had spent large amounts of money on high resolution recordings and the custom DAC's they used to replay them. We were told by @hatstand that our "audiophile things" didn't matter and that a very easily reintroduced bit of functionality would not be forthcoming. :(

This was a sad situation from an attitude perspective that left Linux audiophiles without a quality alternative. Since that time I've have to build a total special configured version of PCLinuxOS that still used a older 1.2.3 version of Clementine and it's supporting gstreamer lib's etc for our critical music listeners. A lot of work just to have a version of Clementine that supported the interests of people who cared about high quality music reproduction.
Strawberry Music Player effectively addresses this problem https://strawbs.org. I have given it a try and it works as advertised.

The latest strawberry_0.4.1-6-g679caf7_amd64.deb file is second bottom on this page https://builds.strawbs.net/debian/stretch/

Would it be possible to add Strawberry Music Player to the MX repo?

Edit: here's a review of the software https://opensource.com/article/18/8/str ... sic-player

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