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MX 17/18 Repository: The Handbrake Thread

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MX 17/18 Repository: The Handbrake Thread


Post by Stevo » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:18 pm

We now have a major new release of the famous and popular video ripper and transcoder, Handbrake 1.1.0, in our test repository. This was adapted from the deb-multimedia version with some changes to make it fit Debian's build policy. One DMO change is that "handbrake" is now a metapackage that depends on either handbrake-cli or handbrake-gtk. The GUI version will be installed by default, but you can have both, or just the CLI version if you wish. The previous handbrake package was the gtk GUI version.


From the release notes:
All platforms

Improved user interface
Redesigned main window for consistency and usability; overall flow is top to bottom, left to right
Added new preset controls directly in main workflow
Added new summary tab for overview of settings at a glance
Updated interface icons to support high resolution displays
New and improved official presets
Added new presets for Vimeo and YouTube
Added new 2160p/4K device presets for Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku
Added new Production presets for post-production video editing workflows
Added additional 2160p/4K Matroska presets
Improved AppleTV 4K support
Improved Intel QuickSync Video support
Added Linux support (experimental)
Added 10-bit H.265/HEVC encoding support for Kaby Lake and newer CPUs
Added support for multiple GPUs via D3D11 encode path
Many bug fixes and improvements


Added new Unsharp and kernel-based Laplacian LapSharp sharpening filters
Added CSM prefilter option to NLMeans filter
Added support for mobile device orientation via auto-rotation container flag
x265 10- and 12-bit encoders are now included by default; additional dll files are no longer required

Command line interface

Added support for adaptive streaming (SPS and PPS before IDR frames) via the --inline-parameter-sets parameter
Added --json parameter to output scan/status information in JSON format, useful for scripting
Audio sample rate parameter --arate now accepts "auto" as a valid value


Added option to configure low disk space warning level
Added Intel QuickSync Video encoder (experimental, requires specific Intel driver)
Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 and 17.10; Ubuntu 15.04 support is removed
Many other bug fixes and improvements
Please let us know how it installs and performs if you give it a try. Thanks!
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Re: MX 17 Repository: The Handbrake Thread


Post by Stevo » Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:48 pm

The latest 1.1.1 release has landed in the test repo, adapted from the Sid version in deb-multimedia. This backport is built against backports of the latest x264 and x265 from upstream Debian in hopes of improving transcoding performance.

Please let us know how it installs and performs if you give it a try. Thanks!

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Re: MX 17 Repository: The Handbrake Thread


Post by Stevo » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:38 pm

Handbrake 1.1.2 is now in the test repo, again adapted from the deb-multimedia version instead of upstream Debian's. Notable differences from Debian's packages are the enabling of Intel GPU hardware encoding with libmfx, and that it uses an internal version of libav 12.3 instead of the system ffmpeg. Other fixes:

Fixed Blu-ray title name where reading from raw device
Improved handling of broken units in Blu-ray source (skip and continue reading)
Fixed rare crash related to preview images, anamorphic, and default preset values
Fixed jitter produced by 59.94 fps to 29.97 fps frame rate conversion
Fixed duration of silence buffers (may improve audio/video sync for some sources)
Fixed potential crash where $HOME directory is missing
Fixed legacy preferences causing preset window being shown at every launch
Fixed default destination file name for Blu-ray source to not include MPLS number
Fixed toolbar icons alignment and use correct art for lower pixel density

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Re: MX 17 Repository: The Handbrake Thread


Post by Stevo » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:25 pm

We now have handbrake-1.2.0 in the test repository, which add many new features. It also requires ffmpeg 4.1, so you'll get some new libav* packages, but it should not remove older libav* versions or the packages that depend on them.

- Switched core decoding library from Libav to FFmpeg
- Fixes numerous sources previously unreadable or otherwise broken
- Facilitates a number of the improvements and features in this release and planned for the future
- Removed deprecated Legacy presets
- See the list of compatible replacements on GitHub
- Updated official presets to use stereo instead of DPL2 mixdown
- Avoids potential spatial positioning issues with the current DPL2 algorithm and wide pans in source material
- Limited in impact since DPL2 decoding has not been in widespread use for years
- Updated official presets descriptions to revise compatibility and mention recently released devices
- Updated official presets to rename Fire TV to Amazon Fire
- Added Amazon Fire 720p30 and Chromecast 1080p60 presets
- Added {creation-date} and {creation-time} to automatic file naming
- Fixed an issue decoding Blu-ray titles where the aspect ratio is unknown (assume 16:9)
- Fixed an issue encoding video with very short frame durations (less than 0.00285s or greater than 350 FPS)
- Improved extradata handling to accommodate all codecs
- Added support for decoding TIFF/LZMA video
- Fixed potential decoding issue for audio lacking an explicit channel layout (intelligently guess the layout)
- Fixed a potential crash during audio probe
- Improved resampling to allow dithering for all codecs (only where necessary)
- Improved quality of the default AAC encoder on non-Mac platforms (FFmpeg AAC), no longer experimental
- Improved bit rate constraints to allow Opus as low as 6 kbit/s per channel
- Added support for up to 7.1 channel AAC encoding (note that FDK AAC/HE-AAC do not support 6.1)
- Added support for E-AC3 audio in MP4 container
- Added Speex audio decoder
- Fixed a potential crash where an SRT file cannot be opened
- Added support for SRT files using periods instead of commas to delineate fractions
Command Line Interface
- Fixed inability to override preset subtitles burn setting (native and none are now valid values for --subtitle-burned)

- Fixed Blu-ray title name being set to device name (e.g. sr0) when scanning raw devices
- Fixed Blu-ray default destination file names to no longer include MPLS number
- Fixed an issue with queue state not being updated properly on reload
- Fixed various issues importing presets
- Updated most translations
- Added initial support for GTK 4
- Added ability to customize activity window font size and increased default from 7 to 8
- Added destination overwrite protection (append number to file name on conflict)
- Added {source-path} to automatic path setting
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

It also now seems to use hardware-accelerated encoding for my Intel GPU! Codec support depends on your GPU. This requires you install i965-va-driver, then install libavcodec-extra from the test repo. Remember that you have to disable "hide libs and dev packages" in the MX Package installer if you want libavcodec-extra to be available.

Debian added --disable-nvenc to the build flags for some reason; maybe it's broken for Nvidia GPUs. But maybe also installing vdpau-va-driver enables acceleration for Nvidia? Testers needed, and they need to run "ghb" from the command line to get messages!

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Re: MX 17 Repository: The Handbrake Thread


Post by Stevo » Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:50 pm

Now updated to 1.2.1 in the test repo. This version was built against Mesa 18.3.2 in the test repo, so you'll have to upgrade to that if you want the Intel va-api encoding to keep working--otherwise it will fall back to the CPU-only encoding. I could roll some debs against the stock Mesa if anyone doesn't want that Mesa update, though...sbuild makes that pretty easy.


Fixed potential crashes due to use of uninitialized variables
Improved minimum duration to only apply to DVD and BD sources
Fixed incorrect video rotation where rotation flagged as none
Fixed yadif deinterlace filter not properly deinterlacing all frames
Fixed missing frame at the end of encodes from m2ts sources
Fixed detection of MPEG-1 video in program streams
Fixed decoding of MPEG-1 video in DVD sources
Fixed Apple VideoToolbox encoding issues related to pyramidal B-frames
Fixed lapsharp filter corrupting frame edges
Improved NLMeans performance
Improved AMD VCE encoding to enable placing key frames at chapter markers
Improved calculation of final frame duration
Improved support for BT.2020 color space
Fixed channel mapping for AAC 5.1 encoding
Fixed display of special characters in preset names
Fixed exporting presets to sanitize system reserved characters
Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

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Re: MX 17/18 Repository: The Handbrake Thread


Post by Stevo » Sun May 19, 2019 5:38 pm

Updated to 1.2.2 in the test repo, but this time it's built against Mesa 18.2.6 in our main repo. If you need a 64-bit build against the 18.3.2 Mesa and other libraries in the test repo to keep va-api hardware encoding working, let me know and I'll roll one, or stick with your working 1.2.1, since the new version may not have any Linux improvements that will affect you.

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