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European Privacy Regulations (GPDR)

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European Privacy Regulations (GPDR)

#1 Post by richb » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:21 pm

Within the next few days we will be implementing an extension to the Forum software to comply with European Privacy Regulations (GPDR), GPDR is an acronym for General Data Protection Regulation. You may ask why since we are not in the European Union. It is because we do have Forum members who are.

What will happen:
  • Members will need to accept cookies and the revised privacy policy the next time they access the forum. NOTE: This is currently disabled
  • Guests will need to accept the cookies in order to browse the forum. NOTE: This is currently disabled
  • Until the Cookie Policy has been accepted, all links are blocked from being accessed and no log-in/registration is possible. NOTE: This is currently disabled
The Privacy Policy has been revised to comply with the GDPR, and must be accepted if user or registrant wishes to continue; it only needs to be done once. The same is true for cookies unless you clear the browser cache or delete Forum cookies.

Users can see stored personal data by clicking the pull-down arrow next to your name at the right end of the top panel > User Control Panel > Privacy > Data. That data can be downloaded as a CSV (comma separated values) file using the download link. There is also a link to request removal of your account. User IP addresses are automatically anonymized on posts, polls & PMs. Cookie/Privacy Policy links are in the bottom navigation bar.

Please note that this is not a fundamental change in how the Forum has handled private data. The software has always saved cookies and saved private data such as IP addresses to be able to manage the Forum.. It is merely informing you that it does this and requiring your acceptance.
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