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Any PDF software allowing me to fill out forms while on pc?

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Any PDF software allowing me to fill out forms while on pc?


Post by sps7 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:18 pm

[I didn't find the right place to post this. Because I use MX14 (in KDE mode), I put this in the "KDE" subforum.]

I wonder if there's any Linux PDF software that I can use to fill out a PDF form while I see it on my computer screen. If this exists, I fill out the form using my keyboard, and then print out the form.

I've only tried qpdfview but it looks like only part of what I typed in a form space will be printed. And then there's the problem I run into often of getting my HP printer to print. The printer works but something is often or always a bit off in some setting so no printing occurs 'til I stumble upon some solution and I can then print. [I rarely print anything simply because there's no need to do any printing.]

I ask about the software because at the public library, I'll be scanning the printed out, completed-with-my-computer PDF forms (if this is possible for me with some software), turning the scanned forms back into PDF docs and attaching them to an email message bound for an office.

[My sole OS: MX14 running in KDE mode.]
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Re: Any PDF software allowing me to fill out forms while on


Post by joany » Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:33 pm

Answer: pdftk (in the repositories) is a command-line application. Adobe Reader is a non-free application that I've used in the past. You have to go to the Adobe site and download the .bin file to install it.
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Re: Any PDF software allowing me to fill out forms while on


Post by m_pav » Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:18 am

Okular has forms support built right in, so no need to look further. Just open Okular and click on the show forms button near the top right, then the available text fields become available for editing and the button changes to read hide forms. When finished editing, click on hide forms and the text appears as it should.

Don't worry about how the text you enter looks when in "edit mode", it will all be correctly formatted when the hide forms button is pressed.

It doesn't matter that I am using Okular in MX-14, it works just the same as in KDE.
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