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MX 15 Repository: The Komorebi Thread

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MX 15 Repository: The Komorebi Thread


Post by Stevo » Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:48 pm

We now have Komorebi 2.0 in the test repo. This is a wallpaper engine and a set of provided wallpapers, some of which are animated with video, gradual color changes, parallax changes when you move the mouse, or foreground objects that hide parts of the clock. You can also choose to hide or show desktop icons.

zombie wallpaper not included


I haven't tried the included app to make your own wallpapers, but it also looks easy to take one of the existing ones and manually substitute your own images to get a color phasing one, for example. You'll also need to be running a compositor, and if you want a conky window on it, you'll have to have this line:

Code: Select all

own_window_argb_visual yes
instead of the "no" that the MX conkys ship with.

DONE: split it into the very small kolorebi and the much larger kolorebi-data packages, which has some advantages.
TO DO: try and patch it so it installs its files into standard Linux directories instead of its unique /System directory.

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