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Dedicated application for kernel installation/upgrades

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Re: Dedicated application for kernel installation/upgrades


Post by entropyfoe » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:05 pm

As I wrote above MXPI (MX Package Installer) works great for me, the easiest and most successful method of updating the kernel.

When writing that post, I checked the available kernels, so many antix kernels, all 4.19,x. Where x can go from 0 to 18. You have to go off of the Popular Applications tab, to the Stable Repo tab.

This is great. Maybe anti can chime in here, but where can I see what is different about them?
In earlier threads, some had spectre/meltdown, some did not, others were compilations of new kernel.org or Debian point upgrades/fixes.

Where can I decode the information about all those kernels you make? Why so many 4.19? Is it because of the LTS nature of 4.19?

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