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[Solved] Firefox options for us Mepis 11 holdouts

Help for Current Versions of Mepis
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Re: [Solved] Firefox options for us Mepis 11 holdouts

#31 Postby kmathern » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:53 pm

uncle mark wrote:...That said, I now seem to have a flash problem. It no longer appears in about:addons. I've downloaded the tarball from Adobe (dated 2017-07-24) and dropped libflashplayer.so everywhere I can think of. Still running into a lot of videos -- mainly in forums and Twitter links -- that won't play.

Clue appreciated.

Even MX-14 & Mepis 12 have a problem with the newer flash if what we found in this post from last year still applies: viewtopic.php?p=391612&sid=a5792cca05799b770fb68c3aa4ba92e1#p391612

Flash version 23 needed a newer libc6 version than the 2.13 version available in Wheezy, Mepis 11 was based on Squeeze and used an even earlier libc6 version (I forget the version now though).

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