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Re: Installing Cliqz on MX Linux

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:18 pm
by philotux
For the past ten days, I have been using Cliqz as my primary web browser and I should say I am positively surprised about it's performance. It seems to have all the good things from Firefox plus some unique features that sets it apart. Here is a list of some "likes and dislikes":

In-build anti-tracking, ad-blocker; HTTPS Everywhere preinstalled and enabled by default; anti-phishing feature;
In-build Youtube A/V downloader
Availibility of Firefox' Addons
Works well with firejail (after some minor modification of cliqz.profile)

No sync account for syncing across devices; only somewhat limited "syncing" possibility between the desktop and the mobile Cliqz (available for Android and iOS)