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MX Linux-based ManyRoads' Genealogists’ Workbench- beta release

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MX Linux-based ManyRoads' Genealogists’ Workbench- beta release


Post by manyroads » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:30 pm

Thanks to those who have provided me guidance earlier. :happy: I apologize for the brief delay in getting this beta online... but here it is.

The ManyRoads Genealogists' Workbench complete "beta announcement" may be found here:
http://www.many-roads.com/2018/10/04/a- ... a-release/

Because I have been asked why I am doing something like this my reasons are as follows, I...
1. am a genealogist and want to freely share some of my tools and knowledge.
2. wanted to see if this sort of project was accomplishable within my skillset.
3. find MX Linux most useful, am a geek, and want to share 'our technology' with an "atypical" Linux user audience.
4. wanted to develop an XFCE Desktop that is almost entirely Internet 'active', light, and showcases a suite of excellent opensource technologies and tools.

By way of closure on my first thread, I have attempted to address all the earlier comments generously provided me by members of the MX Linux Forums (in that discussion thread). A full updated description of the MX Linux Spin (Genealogists' Workbench) along with the download link(s), guides and more may be found here:

http://www.many-roads.com/tips-opinions ... workbench/

Sadly, there remain two unresolved issues with this beta iso (I remain unable to resolve either :confused: ):
- no ice-ssb links appear on the Plank desktop panel after the initial iso load (they appear only after a complete install of the Workbench)
- Conky, also, does not run on the iso (pre-installed version); but it does appear and function, per design, after iso installation.

As always, I greatly appreciate your guidance, findings and/or comments.
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