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[SOLVED] 7z, DAR, tar, tar.gz: Which is safest for "long-term" storage of data on an optical disk?

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Forum Guide
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Re: 7z, DAR, tar, tar.gz: Which is safest for "long-term" storage of data on an optical disk?


Post by MX-16_fan » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:15 am


Thanks a lot for that explanation.


I am still encountering problems with the actual data DVD burning process. However, they seem to be related to dvdisaster only.

As the original question this thread deals with has been answered fully, I am marking this "SOLVED" here.

I'll file a separate question regarding the above-mentioned issue dvdisaster is bringing up.

Thanks to everyone for the qualified input!

Greetings, Joe

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Re: 7z, DAR, tar, tar.gz: Which is safest for "long-term" storage of data on an optical disk?


Post by KBD » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:11 pm

ChrisUK wrote:
Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:14 am
Based on my personal experience, not on any tech info:

I've branded (TDK, Sony, Memorex, etc.) DVDs that haven't lasted 10 years... burned and stored, then checked less than 10 years later. I've old Hard Drives (PATA IDE) that have lasted over 20 years, and are still used often - if I wanted to store files "long term", I'd probably avoid DVDs. But I'd guess that others could post the opposite case ;)
Second this. DVDs are garbage for long term storage.
I bought Babylon 5 DVDs to watch about 7-8 years ago. Only been watched once, stored in a dry location. Recently re-watched them. 3 episodes on one season were corrupted. No scratches or other defects on the disk, and tried in 2 different DVD players, the disks were defective even though originally they played fine. Other seasons also had bad sectors on the disks even though purchased new. I've seen this on other disks that were purchased new like my 2nd disk on the Matrix trilogy I purchased new now being defective. The only thing that touches these is the laser reading the info. I've gone digital storage with most of my movie and dvd collection as I no longer trust dvds for long term anything.

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