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Numlock "." instead of ","  [Solved]

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Numlock "." instead of ","  [Solved]

#1 Post by Matt »

on my Apple Keyboard (german) I've got a Numblock. This works well so far. Only "." puts an ",", but I wanted the dot to work with. Where and how can I change that. Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

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Re: Numlock "." instead of ","

#2 Post by radonrose »

Which keyboards layouts are you switching between? Decimal separators differ by country, and that is reflected on keyboard layouts (map).

Assuming you are on MX XFCE, open Keyboard Layouts, and in the first tab Layouts you might find what you need. Are you looking for a German layout that has a thousand separator (dot) in the numpad instead of a decimal separator (comma)? If you can't find some specific layout for this, some remapping would be possible.

PS: This tab also has a menu of several popular keyboards, including some Mac ones. I can't say more about this, as the Generic 105 always has worked for me.
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Re: Numlock "." instead of ","

#3 Post by Matt »

Hi radonrose,
thanx a lot for your quick response. Your informations are the ones I needed!
Kind regards, Matt.
PS: Yes, I'm an MX XFCE and use the Generic 105.

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Re: Numlock "." instead of ","

#4 Post by fehlix »

Within Session & Startup ("Sitzung und Startverhalten") adding a new autostart entry:
with a setxkbmap command to set numerical keypad to have "dot" instead of a comma for German keyboard layout after login:

Code: Select all

setxkbmap -option kpdl:dot
For one time use:
Open command prompt with Alt+F2 and type shown command.
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