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MX-17.1/MX-18.1: Anyone been successful reading from/writing to/formatting Panasonic P2 cards (via PC Card reader)?

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MX-17.1/MX-18.1: Anyone been successful reading from/writing to/formatting Panasonic P2 cards (via PC Card reader)?


Post by MX-16_fan » Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:22 am


Panasonic P2 cards are flash storage media, which, as as the devices they are usually used with by and by seem to go out of the market, might become interesting for retroftitting vintage notebooks.

My question is: Has anyone been successfeel reading from and/or writing to and/or formatting P2 cards on MX-17.1 or MX-18.1, via a standard PC Card reader?

Here's some background about P2 cards:
P2 (P2 is a short form for "Professional Plug-In") is a professional ... solid-state memory storage media format introduced by Panasonic in 2004 ... (...). The P2 card is essentially a RAID of Secure Digital (SD) memory cards with an LSI controller ... in a ... PC Card (formerly PCMCIA) enclosure ... (...). The cards can also be used directly where a PC card (PCMCIA) slot is available, as in most older notebook computers, as a normal hard disk drive, although a custom software driver must first be loaded. (...)

P2 cards are of a ... PCMCIA type with the fastest transfer speeds currently available through this format. The card also contains a processor that organizes and safeguards the files ... . (...)

On February 27, 2014, Panasonic has announced a new generation of P2 media, the expressP2 card (...) [comment: which, however, have 1.5x the thickness of a standard Type II PC Card]. (...)
  • Maximum datarate: 1.2 Gbit/s
  • Available sizes: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB
  • Form factor: PC card (PCMCIA) type II


Seems as if those cards were of an especially high quality:

7) P2 cards are ‘fault-free’. (...)

8) P2 Cards are much more durable than other solid-state recording mediums. (...)

(http://aframe.com/blog/2012/05/10-thing ... -p2-cards/)

Here's an effort to make a P2 card kernel module: https://github.com/kierank/p2card. Unfortunately, work on it seems to have ceased. As of 2018, the developer listed it as an "unfinished project" (https://medium.com/@kierank_/unfinished ... e0b471e5f7).

Greetings, and a nice weekend to all of you, Joe

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