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Nvidia driver problems in new install

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Re: Nvidia driver problems in new install

#11 Post by fehlix » Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:17 pm

PPC wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:12 pm
I always tried instaling using the nvidia installer from the mx menu. Never tried it in any different way...

another problem: after reboot, I always have to go to nvidia control panel and change my resolution... do ou folks think it's save to click the "save to X config..." button? :confused:

Yes, sorry have seen you tried it already. Hmme, I also have Nvidia, but never got any such an issue with installtion as you gone through.
To your last question, I never have done this either trough nvidia control panel.
Just using xrandr if needed.
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Re: Nvidia driver problems in new install

#12 Post by PPC » Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:07 am

Since my problem was solved (without even me knowing how), I have only one other question (besides being safe to click the add to X button on the nvidia control panel).

[EDIT: for those that experience a similar problem I got my screen to automatically start at the desired resolution without having to add a xrandr instruction to autostart: I just went to the MX screen resolution, clicked in a lower resolution, without cliking "Apply", I clicked back in my desired resolution and then I applied it. the resolution stuck even after rebooting]

Given my concrete situation, if in the future I have to reinstall MX and I get the same problem again, do you think that just reinstalling the nvidia driver from MX menu and rebooting and using the "/etc/X11" backup I just did (in root mode to avoid problems with file permitions), and rebooting again would solve the low resolution only problem I usually get after installing the driver?
Having these 2 questions question answered would be enough for me to mark this as "Solved".

And by the way, many thanks for those of you that tried to help me with this small but annoying problem...
And thanks to the developers that came up with such a nice distro! I'm fortunate enough to be using this distro on a (old) desktop my brother gave me ( 1800 Mhz single core, 3 giga of RAM!) and compared to the OS it came with (W10), it flies! :-)


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