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wireless printer HP ENVY Photo 7800 (Solved)

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wireless printer HP ENVY Photo 7800 (Solved)


Post by piperdan » Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:50 pm

The last shoe to drop fell this evening. MX Linux can now replace Mint as my daily driver, now that I got the wireless printer to work. As it states in the subject line, it's an HP ENVY Photo 7855.

In hopes that this may be of help to anyone else struggling with a similar HP wireless printer, I found that the HPLIP version 3.16 found in MX package installer's "popular" list would not "see" the wireless printer. I also found that even though the linux printer module was able to "see" the printer and print a test page, I was still unable to print a test file from Libreoffice, even after enabling the printer. All I got was a kind of missing backend message.

However, after installing the 3.17.10 version from the "MX Testing" list, HPLIP recognized the printer, was able to print just fine and all other HPLIP functions.

Hope this helps :)

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