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wacom tablet not recognized

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Eadwine Rose
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Forum Veteran
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Re: wacom tablet not recognized


Post by Eadwine Rose » Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:04 am

OK.. I don't have a wacom connected to the system, but I figured: let's throw that command in the terminal and see what happens ;)

Code: Select all

filename:       /lib/modules/4.15.0-1-amd64/kernel/drivers/hid/wacom.ko
license:        GPL
description:    USB Wacom tablet driver
author:         Vojtech Pavlik <vojtech@ucw.cz>
version:        v2.00
srcversion:     BBDF2435B66947F6F7B4356
alias:          hid:b0005g0101v0000056Ap*
alias:          hid:b0018g0101v0000056Ap*
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap*
alias:          hid:b0003g*v000017EFp00006004
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00005002
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00005000
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00004004
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00004001
alias:          hid:b0005g0101v0000056Ap00000361
alias:          hid:b0005g0101v0000056Ap00000360
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000343
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000033E
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000033D
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000033C
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000033B
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000336
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000335
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000333
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000331
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000032F
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000032C
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000032B
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000032A
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000326
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000325
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000323
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000319
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000318
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000317
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000315
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000314
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000030E
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000030C
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000030A
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000309
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000307
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000304
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000303
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000302
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000301
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000300
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000012C
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000116
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000010F
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000010E
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000010D
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000101
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000100
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000FB
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000FA
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000F8
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000F6
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000F4
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000F0
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000EF
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000ED
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000EC
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000E6
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000E5
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000E3
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000E2
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000DF
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000DE
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000DD
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000DB
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000DA
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000D8
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000D7
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000D6
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000D5
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000D4
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000D3
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000D2
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000D1
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000D0
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000CE
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000CC
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000C7
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000C6
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000C5
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000C4
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000C2
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000C0
alias:          hid:b0005g0101v0000056Ap000000BD
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000BC
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000BB
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000BA
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000B9
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000B8
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000B7
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000B5
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000B4
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000B3
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000B2
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000B1
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap000000B0
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000009F
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000009A
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000097
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000093
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000090
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000084
alias:          hid:b0005g0101v0000056Ap00000081
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000006B
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000006A
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000069
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000065
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000064
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000063
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000062
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000061
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000060
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000005E
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000005D
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000005B
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000059
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000057
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000047
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000045
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000044
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000043
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000042
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000041
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000003F
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000039
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000038
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000037
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000035
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000034
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000033
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000032
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000031
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000030
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap0000002A
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000029
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000028
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000027
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000026
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000024
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000023
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000022
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000021
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000020
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000019
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000018
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000017
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000016
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000015
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000014
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000013
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000012
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000011
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000010
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000003
alias:          hid:b0003g0101v0000056Ap00000000
depends:        hid,usbhid
retpoline:      Y
intree:         Y
name:           wacom
vermagic:       4.15.0-1-amd64 SMP mod_unload modversions 
parm:           touch_arbitration: on (Y) off (N) (bool)
Seems the driver is pre-installed? I never connected the thing to this install after all.
MX-18_x64 20-12-2018 * 4.19.0-1-amd64 ext4 Xfce 4.12.3 * AMD Asus M4A785TD-V EVO AM3 * ASUS GF GT640-1GD5-L NVIDIA 390.87 * AMD Proc. Athl II X4 635, sAM3 * HDA ATI SB VT1708S An * 2x4Gb DDR3 1600 Kingston * Samsung S24D330 & P2250 * HP Envy5030

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Forum Regular
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Re: wacom tablet not recognized


Post by caprea » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:25 am

So I downloaded and installed the kernel-driver from this side

Then its:

Code: Select all

$ sudo modinfo wacom
[sudo] Passwort für helga: 
filename:       /lib/modules/4.15.9-antix.1-amd64-smp/extra/wacom.ko
license:        GPL
description:    USB Wacom tablet driver
author:         Vojtech Pavlik <vojtech@ucw.cz>
version:        v2.00-0.39.0
srcversion:     2C2B96F2DFD0378D03F7915
This maybe is an option the OP could try.

The input-wacom-dkms from github does not work here, gives errors.

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Forum Veteran
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Re: wacom tablet not recognized


Post by timkb4cq » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:51 am

The more I look, the odder the wacom driver thing looks.
I looked up the USB ID for your tablet

Code: Select all

056a:0374 	CTL-4100 	Intuos S
056a:0376 	CTL-4100WL 	Intuos BT S
Neither ID is listed in the code for the 4.5 or 3.17 versions of the driver. Both are listed in the 3.7, 2.38 & 2.30 versions.
The question is, will the 3.7 version build on a 4.15 kernel?
MSI 970A-G43 MB, AMD FX-6300 (six core), 16GB RAM, GeForce 730, Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB

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Re: wacom tablet not recognized [solved]


Post by whbr » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:03 am

Thanks. Updating the driver did the trick. I used the method at https://linuxwacom.github.io/ rather than https://github.com/cyberang3l/input-wacom-dkms which struck me a more complex. Again your input was helpful. Mark
Dell Inspiron 15, series 5000
DM KDE 4.14.2

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Re: wacom tablet not recognized


Post by qingshui » Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:38 am

Hi there, I own a 11.6" IPS Drawing Tablet Monitor XP-PEN Artist 12 . It's a screen tablet like a Cintiq 13HD , and it was around 250 USD when I got it a year ago. it works well . you can draw directly on the Screen .

The screen is fantastic. I had a bit of trouble setting it up, but not much. For some reason my computer didn't recognize it at first. I then reinstalled the driver, changed ports and then it worked.

And again, the screen is fantastic. It's big precise ( Have some parallax ) and it responsive (no drag).

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