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[solved] Keyboard do not work/react in BIOS / Grub boot menu

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[solved] Keyboard do not work/react in BIOS / Grub boot menu


Post by postcd » Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:47 am

The grub boot menu do not accept my USB keyboard input.
The keyboard on BIOS lights and accept input (if i remember correctly), but on F12 (select boot source) it stop reacting. Also on MX Linux grub boot menu keyboard do not react, unless i connect different keyboard into PS2 (is it named like that?) slot on motherboard. But when i connect this PS2 keyboard via USB (using PS2 to USB reduction), then boot menu do not react.

SOLUTION/FIX: In bios i had disabled USB keyboard support, so only PS2 worked (i entered BIOS by "Del" key) and changed the setting. Fixed.

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