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Lost access to user account

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Lost access to user account


Post by djmclaws » Wed May 16, 2018 10:55 am

Description of what happened:

I used root Thunar to copy a couple of my own preferred wallpapers to the etc/share/backgrounds directory. After a couple of wallpaper changes, I then then tried to use root Thunar to remove a picture I decided not to use, when Thunar seemed to hang up. I then logged out and tried to log back in to my account, Now at the login screen the correct username comes up, but after entering the password, it just cycles back to the login screen.

Try #1: Was able to login as root, so I did and reset the user password. Tried again, no change. Still can't login to user account.

Try #2: After reading someone else's post about a corrupted fstab file, I copied fstab.backup over onto the fstab. No change.

Try#3: Logged in as root again, and this time tried to switch to the user account by:

Code: Select all

root@danny:~# su -l danny
mount: Operation not permitted
Notice that the mount was not permitted, but it did change the user to "danny".

These files are given:
I did select encrypt the home directory during the initial install.

Code: Select all

root@danny:~# su -l danny
mount: Operation not permitted
danny@danny:~$ ls
Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop  README.txt
opening up the README.txt file:

Code: Select all


From the graphical desktop, click on:
 "Access Your Private Data"


From the command line, run:

Using less to find any instructions:

Code: Select all

[Desktop Entry]
_Name=Access Your Private Data
_GenericName=Access Your Private Data

Code: Select all

danny@danny:~$ sudo /usr/bin/ecryptfs-mount-private
[sudo] password for danny: 
Enter your login passphrase:
Inserted auth tok with sig [c2f0dfc45bd87f1b] into the user session keyring
fopen: No such file or directory
Am I heading down a rabbit hole of trying to backdoor into my encrypted user home directory, or am I missing an easier step. I just want to boot up to my user account as normal. Not sure what glitch or my human error caused this to happen.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Re: Lost access to user account


Post by dolphin_oracle » Wed May 16, 2018 11:29 am

some thoughts

your home folder is encrypted with your original password as the pass phase, I think. your home folder is actually an encrypted file inside your actual home folder.

you may have inadvertently changed the permissions of the home folder (probably the version inside the encrypted container file) to such that your user can no longer access it. There are files created in the home folder during a login by X which if they can't be created, will kick back out to the login manager.
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Re: Lost access to user account


Post by djmclaws » Wed May 16, 2018 11:47 am

Interesting. I probably must have screwed those permissives when root Thunar hung up, and I just backed out of it, perhaps not very gracefully.

Anyway, not a big disaster. I've only been using MX for about a week now, and my important files are backed up. I'll just do a re-install tonight (sans encryption this time).

Just created a new user and deleted the old one instead.

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