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MX-17 non-booting arrives at cli-installer

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MX-17 non-booting arrives at cli-installer

#1 Postby baldrick » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:27 pm

Hello Forum,
Running MX-17 and have followed the OS development for a few years now. It may be MX-17 has outpaced my old Pentium 4.
So, having done a fresh installation of MX-17 replacing MX-16 I am getting boot up issues that mean I arrive at the cli-installer.

The last time this happened I used the disc to re-install again. Now having spent some time with a stable system and nicely arranged everything it has dropped out again.
As I recall I have just done an update and cleaned the system using the MX Manager.

I still have the original install-disc, can it be used to repair my original boot loader? Please advise.

OK, used cli-installer to access my system, then ran updates. apt-get etc.
In the process found there was something amiss with 'Nvidia-Legacy-304.137-dkms'.
This package was re-built as in - 'Building -4.13.0-1-686-pae'.
Once this was finished it booted nicely.

The cli-installer is a bit new to me, I thought it was only for installing afresh.
Quite handy really.

Solved 'by itself' I guess.

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