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MX 17 install - Toshiba Tecra laptop

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MX 17 install - Toshiba Tecra laptop

#1 Postby bll » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:31 pm

Well, I resized my MX-16 partition and attempted to install MX-17 on the other half of the hard drive.
It did not go so well.

The grub installation got mangled. After booting into MX-16 and fixing that,
I attempted to boot into MX-17, and it looks like it did not finish the installation.
Put me at a command prompt and told me about cli-installer, bash was spitting out various errors.

Question is, is there an installation log saved on the MX-17 partition so I try to see what went wrong?

I have MX-17 successfully installed on the desktop, and it is working fine.

Update 1: /usr has permission 700, owned by root.

Update 2: Second try worked. I did not install grub via mx-17 as yet, but I think the failed grub installation was probably due to the bad permissions on /usr.

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