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Bookmark logout

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:01 pm
by kyle_a
Hey again everybody, just wanted to point out that every time I click on a bookmark to go to a different forums post I've made, it will log me out, this happens any time I enter a different web URL in... Slightly annoying, would be nice to see that changed but maybe it does that for a reason?

I'd also like to applaud & thank you all on your work - from init freedom to Liquorix backported for stable use, it doesn't get much better than this! Thank you Dolphin, Anticapitalista & all the others who work hard on this stuff, your work does not go unappreciated! I can't believe I never knew about the backported Liquorix kernels before! This whole time I've been using the Liquorix kernel without the headers too! Thank you all for making Debian-based distros all-around better!
I will forever use your versions of the Liquorix kernel for as long as I use Debian-based distros & I will especially forever use AntiX as my choice Debian-based distro for 32-bit!

Do you think you guys will have a future in the ARM architecture? Also do you think OpenRC has a future in AntiX / MX?

Cheers everyone & have a great day!!!

Re: Bookmark logout

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:06 pm
by Eadwine Rose
Check the URL.. are you logging in/going there using httpS?

Re: Bookmark logout

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:40 pm
by skidoo
logout occurs due to presence of old/expired sessionID within the url querystring

FWIW, I haven't found an easy workaround/solution.
Can avoid logout by copying bookmark url, then manually splicing current sessionid string into it, then pasting into urlbar...
...but that involves more effort than just re-logging in